How to add version number to Pivotal BM?

During Pivotal Development often we need to be able to track which version the users/testers are running against. Below is the sample client script code to show the version number. The version number itself stored as a global variable. Please note that you need to make the client script as global script.

    1 Dim strVersion                              

    2 Dim objNewCell


    4 strVersion = “”


    6 Set objNewCell = _

    7     UIMaster.documentMenu._

    8     getElementsByTagName(“TABLE”)(0). _

    9     insertRow(1).insertCell(0)


   11 objNewCell.className = “FindTitleCell”

   12 objNewCell.innerText = “BM Version: “ + strVersion

2 Responses to “How to add version number to Pivotal BM?”

  1. Alan Says:

    Very useful !

    Is there a way I can do the same sort of thing for a WAM client?

  2. judam Says:

    Good question. Let me think about it.

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