Using Non-default Search Result List

Since Version 5.0 Pivotal allows us to use non default search result list to display results from an active search.

Although it is very straight forward deal, we still need to pay a little bit attention to the SearchSource parameter that is expected by UseSearchResultsList function. It expects Business Object Internal Name instead of table name and Business Object has to be made visible.

Sub ShowNonDefaultSearchResult(strBusinessObject, _
                                strSearchName, _ 
    Const strSEARCH_TYPE = "search"
    Dim objSearchFactory 
    Set objSearchFactory = _ 
    objSearchFactory.SearchType = searchTypeRegular   
    objSearchFactory.Options.UseSearchResultsList _ 
        strBusinessObject, strSearchResultName
    Set objSearchFactory.Search = _ 
    objSearchFactory.Options.AutoRun = True
    objSearchFactory.UsePlatformButtons = True  
    objSearchFactory.Parameters(0) = _ 
    UIMaster.ShowMultiSelectModal objSearchFactory, Null
End Sub

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