Hide Foreign Key Field

' Name    : HideForeignFieldEx
' Purpose : To Hide FK Field using DHTML
' Inputs:
'   sTabName : tab name   
'   sSegmentName : segment name       
'   sFieldName : field name
' Returns:
'   N/A
Sub HideForeignFieldEx(sTabName, sSegmentName, sFieldName) 
    Dim oField 
    Set oField = UIMaster.RUICenter.GetForeignFieldEx(sTabName, _ 
                                    sSegmentName, sFieldName)
    Dim oTDs    
    Dim oTD
    'Hide the label
    UIMaster.RUICenter.GetFieldLabelEx(sTabName, _ 
                       sSegmentName, sFieldName).style.display = "none" 
    'Hide the Input
    oField.InputElement.style.display = "none" 
    Set oTDs = oField.ParentElement.GetElementsByTagName("TD")
    For Each oTD In oTDs
        oTD.style.display = "none"
End Sub

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